I’m crazy about Coffee!

By now I am sure you are getting the idea that I may have a thing about coffee. It’s true, I won’t lie, as a matter of fact I love coffee. I am putting this website together to talk about; coffee, brewing methods, my favorite coffee accoutrements, and unusual gadgets that I run across in my quest for another delicious cup of Java.

I must also tell you at this time that I will be making recommendations and sometimes just plain pitching something that I like so much and as a result I will be putting links on here to direct you my reader, to the place where you can also buy these cool brewing products so you can enjoy the same rich experience that I am enjoying to. You may assume that if I put a link in here, you will either be directed to an affiliate link or to another of my own web properties where you can purchase an item and as a result I will make a commission from your purchase. Isn’t that cool? That way we will both get to be part of a distribution process. I will help enrich your coffee experience and you will help defray the costs of all this great information I will be disseminating to you.

I will be talking plenty about other things too. I’m sure you noticed I mentioned Jesus Christ. I will be talking about Him too, lots! If it weren’t for Jesus, I would still be a drug addict, maybe in prison, single alone and unfulfilled. I would probably only be drinking cafe coffee, you know the kind! It’s hot, it’s dark, it’s got some weak flavor and if you really want it to have much taste you have to add sugar and some of those little flavored coffee creamers that never have to be refrigerated. You know the kind I mean.

I apologize for jumping from Christ back to coffee there like that. I jokingly tell people that I know God loves me because He sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins and to redeem me but also He made coffee. If I never got to taste coffee, I have everything I need in life through Christ. However, I got salvation and coffee is even better when you’re saved!

I also mentioned fishing. I like fishing. I am not the best fisherman in the world. I have friends that go out and never get skunked. I go out and come back empty handed quite often. But as someone once said, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I will be talking fishing and hopefully add some fishing excursions, photos, etc.

It doesn’t just stop there, I have a lot of interests and they will make it into this blog in due time. Of course my main passion is for Christ, I have been called to be a pastor. I have also had the privilege to be able to do jail ministry for many more years than I have been a pastor and I will tell about that too.

This website is going to be an experiment. My other passions are humor, storytelling and internet marketing. This will be a place to try out plugins, learn about website optimization, using video (I’m very camera shy) and putting things into practice that I have been learning for a very long time but not doing.

One final thought for now, petebass.com has been around for a very long time. This is the third resurrection of my website. I had a major server failure last year and didn’t have any of my websites backed up. Having learned how to fail, this is the time I plan to shine.  Won’t you join me in my journey? I hope so.