So here I am starting a website all over again. I had several websites but due to a server crash last November, I am starting all over again. So here is my first post on my first page on a new WordPress theme that I just bought today and so far I am liking it. It’s called Layers and so far so good.

I am going to be adding pages and removing them as I see fit to do depending on my mood, my artistic ability and my curiosity about some things I want to do on other websites. I figure I can use this safely to see what will work in other places.

One thing I am interested in is e-Commerce and I am hoping this will give me a chance to play around with a  few things, find out if they work and then use some of my other domain names to build some really high falutin sites that will draw those people really looking for the best in whatever it is that interests me. I figure I am not that different from others who love a great cup and those folks will probably be attracted to some of the same things I’m attracted to since people who are crazy about coffee really are looking for the next best thing in coffee products and accoutrements and as a result will be tracking right along with me because I’m always on the prowl for what is unique and adds that extra dimension to my next coffee fix .

See you soon, I will be working on this site and I am interested in your ideas to make this all it can be.